New Brighton


New Brighton is situated on a tiny island in the virtual world of Second Life and is loosely inspired by the city of Brighton & Hove.

New Brighton serves as a portfolio for virtual world development company Herzog Brenham. It displays the ability to attract visitors and build a community, as well as acting as a coherent and adaptable framework in which to accommodate further residents and sponsors. While it is only a tiny fraction of the size of the real Brighton and not intended to be an accurate copy, we aim to capture some of the feel of the real city. The many visitors from all over the world enjoy the secluded spots and the views, as well as the entertainment and the many amusements on offer there.

Everyone is welcome to visit New Brighton and explore by bike, scooter, helicopter, hot air balloon or the amazing Neuspa land/sea/air vehicles available to all. Race around the island in jetboats or on jetskis, or hire scuba gear and meet the creatures that live in the undersea tunnel. Watch out for the killer sharks under the pier though! They will attack and kill you. (Spearguns can be bought in the scuba gear shop.) Ride up to the clouds on the i360, enjoy the panoramic views then ride back down, or jump off - preferably wearing one of the free parachutes! If you prefer less deadly pursuits, there are shops and galleries featuring the real life and Second Life work of Brighton artists and photographers and others.

On the pier there are bumpercars, clay pigeon shooting, knife-throwing, space invaders and other amusements, diving, sky-diving, teleport deckchairs, dancing and great views of the seafront. Buy a fishing rod and catch some extraordinary sealife. Perched on the end of the pier is the Seagulltent, which is a fairly accurate replica of a Spiegeltent, but without the mirrors. It is home to the fabulous New Brighton Belles who can often be found rehearsing or performing there. The Seagulltent also hosts live performances by singers, bands and DJs. The rest of the time visitors can choose from a huge selection of the coolest dances in SL to smooch with a partner or throw their avatars around recklessly to the highly eclectic mix of music that is streamed to the island most of the day.

Just after every sunset there is a spectacular firework display over the pier. The sun goes down six times a day in Second Life at the following times 2.30. 6.30. 10.30 am & pm (PDT & GMT).


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